Manchester body count

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Prior to news of the Manchester bomb I was not aware I had an innate sense telling me the body count in Manchester was high in consideration of the killer’s method. I did have an innate sense that said twenty dead was high considering one suicide bomber. Tonight I read several historical accounts, and verified the Manchester body count was high . . . . like typical single-digit body counts and twenty in Manchester. I didn’t have to read much to get an answer that let’s the topic rest with me. The Manchester bomber used a more sophisticated bomb made by an older experienced bomb maker. The bomb was also in a backpack and not a vest. The victims were also further from the bomber at the time of detonation than say a crowded subway. The higher body count can be understood with one look at a diagram of the body location with high-school geometry combined with the fact that victims protect the people away from the bomb. It sickens me to think of all this sophistication used to kill people, and not just people . . . kids. As a father with my first-born dead and two soiled links to my surviving son and only daughter I especially like interaction with younger people. My Indian friends and business partners are younger making those links especially fun, and the bodega kid who’s in elementary school is another active and fun link to a younger person. All my Chennai Indian friends went off the grid for months in 2015 when their city flooded. None of them were killed, but hypothetical bad unsettling news of death would have been understandable, predictable, and eventually I would have become settled with death by natural disaster,but ¿Manchester? The bomber killed strangers . . . deliberately killed strangers. Careful planning, international travel to get schooled in killing, a sophisticated bomb from an experienced bomb maker combined to kill strangers. All this planning and their target was high-body count and kids . . . not specific kids . . just kids. Terrorism is terrorizing. »» nearlincoln contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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