Deeg y Ryan

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Daniel: I never felt cool enough to call you by the name your mom and bro use, so I return to your early childhood name to congratulate you on your Udegree. It was the final marital property for your Aunt Angie, my exwife and me. You may know the financial ID verification with multiple choice questions. Those ID checks for me often present Devonshire, which is where Angie moved with Ryan, Erin, and David after we closed our final marital property . . . . that Devonshire house is very near the impact that took David’s life, and that town is David’s final resting place — Carlisle. I left much in Carlisle, and somehow the financial system has dubbed Devonshire as my final marital property with Angie when Douglas earns the final-marital-property tag. For more than a decades my happy memories of Douglas were clouded with emotional trauma, but it’s cleared, and like the sun on a partly-cloudy day a happy memory surfaced seeing you with Penelope in a graduation gown. It was on the front steps of Douglas, and you were seated with your back to the front door. Ryan was at that groovy stage when a kid is no longer a clumsy toddler, and he or she still retains the awesome advantage of being a miniature person, and he shot between adults or adult-sized kids through the opened door and jumped on your back. Ryan had never seen you before, and . . . and . . . it wasn’t his MO, so . . .¿How did he know is was okay? We’re bound in family in ways that are powerful, but it’s not just family. Bill, Marylou, and Helene bound us in important ways leaving us to never solve the mystery of which part is nature and which part is their nurture, so Ryan launching his post-toddler body on you is a . . . my theory. It’s all the aforementioned reasons and it’s you. I saw my kids (2day: Uage Ryan, adult Erin, dead David) light up around you the way your mom once raised my kid excitement. What you have is special, and it’s not conspicuous to everyone, but on the Douglas steps it was conspicuous to Ryan. Your gown and daughter in the pic is a beautiful image and testimony to how a potpourri of goals and fate navigate us to places where we belong. I love you Deeg I congratulate you . . . ciao from La Gran Via New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel U Tommy »» nearlincoln contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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