payment gateway answers

ONE QUESTION: 1. Please submit your product catalog; brochures; promotional materials; a current price list; and a copy of your service agreement with card holder if applicable. If on
the internet, please include screen-prints of your website address if your site is not yet active.


TWO QUESTION 2. If using the internet, list encryption method, vendor and controls used to secure transaction information

TWO ANSWER: I referred to the hosting company:, and I learned has an SSL certificate, and our vendor is Commodo

THREE QUESTION: 3. How will the product be advertised or promoted?

THREE ANSWER: the service will be promoted via internet marketing, including google my business at our place of business, and via print advertising.

FOUR QUESTION AND FOUR ANSWER 4. Billing Methods (Check All that Apply)

Monthly – __50__%

Yearly – __0__%

Quarterly – __0__%

One Time – _50___%

Hourly – __0__%

FIVE QUESTION 5. List the name(s) and address(es) of the vendor(s) from which supplies are purchased:
FIVE ANSWER: bankofamerica is our US bank account and SBI is our Indian bank account, and marketing services are purchased from google and other lead sources, tech-support pros hired, trained and services provided in Chennai all by one company (services are not subcontracted)

SIX QUESTION: 6. Who performs product/service fulfillment? If direct from vendor, please provide Vendor Name, address and phone number in full
SIX ANSWER: services are not subcontracted. The three Prefix Software Solutions LLC members Tom (me) Rakesh, and Kath are listed on the AZ business license. All company operations happen under these three partners.

SEVEN QUESTION: 7. Please describe how a sale takes place from beginning of order until completion of fulfillment

SEVEN ANSWER: techsupport is a broad topic, so I’ll choose an example, which is also our speciality: PRINTER. A person experiencing a printer problem might type, “won’t print” into google, and with our commercial promotion might be presented our website. If he or she chooses us, then they visit us electronically, via phone, or a visit to our business location. The whole sale and service beginning to end is accomplished with one or two people. Diagnosis is made, services are pitched, and if purchased work is completed. We are legit with an impressive list of recommendation letters, and high customer satisfaction.


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