Trump . . we all know it ¿Really?

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« I have multiple posts in my facebook feed this AM on two subjects: ONE: Venezuela TWO: Trumpcare. The late Hugo Chavez with tag-along accomplices had far-reaching negative effects on Venezuela, and protesters made news today knocking down a Chavez statue. The mass attraction to Chavez was many times greater than the blind appeal Donald Trump has garnished, so in an oversimplified comparison the mess Donald can make should be smaller. Hugo’s appeal kept his vision alive even as evidence of its failure was abundant. A more balanced news source like BBC or Al Jazeera is able to capture the steadfast support of Donald Trump by his supporters, and that’s where Trump critics like me are getting duped. Duped into believing Trump’s appeal is a mystery or an anomaly, but it should not be an anomaly if Trump’s ability to attract is compared to the wild mass attractiveness of Hugo Chavez. What should have happened recently that almost happened is people in the congressional districts set to vote for Trumpcare should have demanded their congressmen and congresswomen vote against it. There is a simple reason to vote against Trumpcare: companies unable to collect debt by debtor’s bankruptcy get offset by taxes, and medical is the number one reason for bankruptcy, so the Obamacare mandate is smart. Without the mandate people who are able to have insurance are allowed to pass chancing a heart attack. That uninsured heart attack is a nearly-guaranteed bankruptcy passing the unpaid debts to the US Government. This uninsured-by-choice person rolls the financial dice of the US Government. It is reasonable to deny a man or woman the right to gamble with the people’s money. It is reasonable to have an Obamacare mandate to guard against men and women gambling with the people’s money. Given Trump’s political appeal is founded on Birtherism it is natural for Trump to have the support to attack Obamacare, but the mandate . . . the essential financial key to the program should not be deleted. Republicans are deleting the mandate, and the people in congressional districts with a representative favoring the bill almost stopped them. It’s not too late . . . Obamacare should be given a chance to work, and Trump and the Republicans should distract themselves onto other issues. Hugo’s statue was knocked down, and Venezuelans are starving. Trump critics need to stop denying the appeal of Donald Trump. We need to see Trump’s appeal as valid. We mock his weight, his oversized golf shirts, his hair, and his pronunciation, which is having zero negative effect on the trance of Trump supporters. Trump’s blind support is small compared to Chavez, but the ability of both men (one dead) to romance their supporters is a reality. Trump is an asshole and a liar; we all know it . . . ¿Really? »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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