middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« “your wife’s friend” commented on my United Airlines now AA post. The commenter’s ID will remain hidden through my wife knows the ID with certainty. While I want to doubt Hana’s certainty I conceded. This is relevant to my writing now, because it’s my preference to only know my commenter’s ID if it’s volunteered. Sonu and Patricia are two commenters who expressed emotion related to something I posted, and it’s wonderful. To express myself emotionally and have a reader or listener get something from it feels like validation. It also validates the clicks and taps on my click-history reports — awesome. Erika and now Hana’s amiga distinguish themselves by expressing how something I write doesn’t align with their feelings on the topic and each express themselves intellectually. On this topic of United Airlines I get to comment when UA remains in the headlines . . awesome. This UA badge is on it’s last days and the tag endured as the story remained headline worthy making this “one more” fun before I replace it with “Frye Coachella”. From Hana’s amiga’s text Dr. Dao broke the law, which would be determined in court, so even believing he violated the law I relent. The Rosa Parks’ story is a historic and relevant comparison. It is true we all may own Dr. Dao for his heroic moment and if he was chosen, because he is Asian, and he became the Rosa Parks of Asians, then undoubtedly all Americans owe Dr. Dao. There are no comparable Jim Crow laws legalizing institutionalized discrimination against Dr. Dao, because he’s Asian. The lack of Asian Jim Crown is where the Rosa Parks comparison derails. What’s awesome about the Dr.-Dao-v-UA story is how everyone brings their own stories into their interpretation. Whether it’s air travel, bus or train we all have personal moments that tell us something’s wrong. The baggage I drag into the Dr.-Dao-v-UA story is travelers who behave as though their urgency rises above others. An impatient man expressed outrage with Hana over counting pennies to pay at Au bon Pan PABT. “I’ve got to catch a bus” he said. My reply, “we’re in a bus station” . . . . . took set time . . . “everyone here has to catch a bus or a train”. I feel the same way about Dr. Dao. If his arrival home was so critical to his patients, then he should not have been traveling, and doctors often have greetings, “if this is an emergency hang up and dial 911”. Dr. Dao might know he has a fragile patient who may commit suicide if he cancels an appointment. The patient may even have told Dr. Dao, “if you cancel again I’ll kill myself”. Anyone who travels with such severe life-death pressure is bound to become a problem to someone before he or she returns home. Passengers must obey authority. »» about me 302-990-2346 nearlincoln@hotmail.com contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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