¿Retarded? or just ¿Illiterate?

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Echo chamber refers the nature of humans to seek like surroundings. I reached outside my echo chamber and commented on a gun-rights vid produced by Breitbart. The presenter refers to himself as AWR. By morning the following day, I attracted a comment, “are you retarded or just illiterate?” Rich F the man who asked me this question is not likely to venture outside his echo chamber into my liberal digital life, but if he does and attempts to advance our exchange I am likely to participate. Setting Rich F aside and returning to AWR. In my initial comment I was trying to say what AWR was not saying, which is ¿Guns for responsible gun owners? Okay AWR makes his case, but what if he were to liberate Robert Lewis Dear from a Colorado prison. AWR could put the Kalashnikov Dear used to kill at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood in Dear’s hands for a reproduction of the same vid. Instead of setting Dear in a wide-open gun range AWR could put Dear in the parking lot of Chicago O´Hare. AWR makes his case for responsible gun ownership with everything about his vid communicating responsible gun ownership including his appearance, setting, script, and choice of weapon. Liberal Americans who favor restrictions on gun ownership, and who also believe we should model Australia are living in a fantasy world. A lot of our presidents have been shot, and the man who shot and killed Burr about a mile from where I sit is on the ten-dollar bill. Americans must get with the program . . . guns are here to stay in relatively generous supply. What remains a productive conversation is the area between AWR’s vid and the hypothetical vid reproduced with convict Dear holding his Kalashnikov in an airport parking lot. Too often the attempts for a productive conversation are derailed with: are you retarded or just illiterate?. »» about me 302-990-2346 nearlincoln@hotmail.com contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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