United Airlines now AA

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« The airline is different, and the city is different, but the drama is a sequel to the headline-sustaining United debacle. Both newsworthy stories stage the confusion passengers have distinguishing between having rights and having authority. The video of the SFO AA flight features a conflict between a mother holding her baby and a flight attendant. The video shows witnesses are only evidence. A thorough investigation and a court case of crimes is known to put innocent people in prison. DNA has cleared many of the not-guilty imprisoned people, and it’s often revealed that witnesses lead to the wrong verdict. Dear kind readers: Please put yourself in place of the man or woman recording the confrontation between the mother holding her baby, and the flight attendant. Sincerely, Tom Doody. The video starts with an advanced confrontation, which matches being a witness, because disturbances get little attention until they are advanced. The clearest voice is a man distant from the confrontation. Like the witnesses who put not-guilty people in prison the video is flawed evidence. Passengers must obey authorities. Passengers should make good recordings both audio and/or visual, and use all evidence in our justice system when the opportunity for justice allows, but until then passengers must obey authority. Dr. Dao of the Chicago United debable is entitled to compensation. Dr. Dao was mistreated. Dr. Dao disobeyed authority. Dr. Dao belongs on a no fly list. Steve Stephens was on the run after killing a fellow Clevelander before his suicide in Pennsylvania, and if he boarded a flight after me I would quietly disembark, and notify authorities as I walked the jetway. I would do the same with a known terrorist, and I would do the same with Dr. Dao. Passengers must obey authority. »» nearlincoln contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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  1. Adam says:


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    • Tom Doody says:

      ¿Agreed? even the no-fly list part


      • your wife's friend says:

        disagree. dr dao did not break the law. read the c&c. united screwed up. yes, dr dao did challenge authority as authority was ignorant… in the case of rosa parks, she did defy authority and a law which was racist. and thank god she did. should she be on a no-bus list?! as for the aa stroller incident, a fellow passenger spoke up for the distraught mother. that is progress. if the stroller wasn’t allowed, wouldn’t the gate person be responsible? and the flight attendant who allegedly snatched the baby stroller, he dared the good samaritan to level-up conflict. what a dummy. by the way, a friend of mine was dealing with a difficult agent at the airport. when the agent asked for his name. he replied, “friedman” at which point the airline employee muttered, “figures.” figures what?! figures the agent spewed an anti-semitic remark. i am tired of this airline oligarchy deeply in bed with the gov’t and their abuse of american citizens.

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