secret wedding

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Though it’s more common for me to make a spontaneous post title on this occasion I know this post will be tagged: “secret wedding”. I have two pieces of circumstantial evidence my sister’s daughter was married a week ago: ONE: mamma told me she had marriage plans TWO: an fb post including my sister and the alleged bride appeared a week ago with, “wedding weekend”. Weddings leave people feeling snubbed probably every wedding, so my emotional wound is common, but not all negative emotions can be traced to malicious intent. Sometimes there’s just not enough room at the table, so a wedding-planner reality leaves a person emotionally wounded. There have been five (six alleged) weddings of sons or daughters of my siblings, and each wedding snubbed me, but were they: ONE: secret with intent to hurt TWO: not enough room at the table. Either of the two aforementioned choices leaves me hurt, and I’ve advanced so I recover more quickly like I did with Brogan’s wedding. At Brogan’s wedding the mother of the groom was my sister, and there was confirmed evidence of not enough room at the table, and it was a California wedding, and California holds the family I’ve latched onto during my midlife crisis, so I felt warmly included. Also stars lined up for me to stand among family on a San Diego beach while they were still newlyweds, and I welcomed the bride to the family — awesome. Even though there was circumstantial evidence of me being excluded from Brogan’s wedding the event left me feeling important, included, and happily engaged with family. My sister was the mother of the bride at the alleged wedding a week ago, and it’s this sister who I consider the perpetrator of this hurtful secret family reunion. The family reunion was different, because several family members cracked leaving me with conclusive evidence it was deliberately secret with the intent to hurt. That family reunion has residual pain for me today, and although a healthy process has reduced the pain to a trace I’m sure to remember always. The weddings have passed leaving just a barely-detectable trace of emotional pain. The Brogan wedding and my grand score in San Diego spreads favorably to all five (six alleged) weddings. In addition I’ve had some meaningful warmth extended to me on social media that only amounts to a series of cell taps yet those taps feel more like a warm family hug. Dear kind readers: This text will post to my fb profile with the aforementioned tag, and to most people, “secret wedding” could refer to something not personal like the wedding of Barry Manilow when he was in the closet, but if the alleged wedding was an actual wedding then, “secret wedding” becomes a provocative for select people. Sincerely, Tom Doody »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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