love and victory

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« A woman wrote to Malia and Sasha in a public letter, which went viral at the hands of Liberal criticism including mine. The author had no relationship with Malia and Sasha and therefore had no reason to address them in an uninvited letter. With this text I’ll comment on a pic in my facebook feed not addressing Rosemary directly for the aforementioned reasons. Her mother is my sister, and our relationship became distant decades ago. If there was such a team a Dr. Phil investigation could probe my sister relationship thoroughly with no conclusion. I would tell my story to a Dr. Phil investigator or anyone else who’d ask, but I’ve already simulated the exercise and reconciled with the inconclusive result. I have stayed overtime in La Gran Via on a Monday morning with the el hefe and la hefa arriving soon, which will prompt my exit . . . they like their customers to have coffee and pan in their hands and not keyboards . . . . though I’m staying, because it’s safe emotional space for me. Doug’s death was an emotional event for me, and through my own partially effective ways of suffering loss and recovering I moved on, but . . . but . . . but . it’s not without regret. Upon sending a recent fb message to Steffen it revealed my request for help reaching Doug . . . Doug was alive then. ¿Was that enough? maybe ¿Can I rest knowing my efforts were sufficient? no. I also regret not going to Doug’s funeral. My sister gave me sufficient notice, and I had declining-health updates through my brother, and . . . . and . . . I played my cards, and I’m still paying the game that Doug no longer plays. He was a proud father. In a modern day of sex, love and intercontinental relationships Doug competed victoriously to be the father of my sister’s child. Doug’s fatherly pride was special. In addition to wanting to be a father he wanted to be Rosemary’s father. He didn’t stop and wanting and suffering loss. He pressed on in patients and in love to win. During the epic battle for my sister’s hand I was active in Doug’s life, and I felt victory at his wedding to my sister as if victory were my own. Today with the digital magic of fb I’m presented a picture launching me unexpectedly into this deeply emotional moment for a man, Doug, whose death created a sense of loss, and that loss remains partially processed. Doug wanted to become a father; Doug wanted to become the father of my sister’s baby; Doug wanted to be Rosemary’s father . . . God he was proud . . for good reason he was proud. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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