u decapitated ur King y Queen

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« If I were a professional rather than an ameteur recreational blogger I would push myself much harder before making the following conclusion on the French political system of justice. The headlines saying Marine Le Pen lost immunity at the hands of those authorized to vote against her. Here’s my flash-concluded logic. If Le Pen lost immunity as a member of parliament, then she must have been entitled to immunity as a member of parliament. Dear kind readers: Joe Miller is played by Denzel Washington in the great movie, Philadelphia, and Joe says multiple times, “explain it to me like I’m a twelve year old”, and on this occasion I use Denzel’s line as an excuse to tell you like you’re a twelve year old. Immunity against disease is good; a government immunizing anyone against the law is bad. Sincerely, Tom Doody. Immunity against the law should be considered governmental cancer. It would appear the people who voted to remover Le Pen’s immunity have themselves immunity, which is an outrage. This from a country that, “transitioned” out of monarchy rule by decapitating the King and Queen? The French are historically liberal; the French are historically; revolutionary. Dear kind people of France: ¿Que pasa? French ¿How could you let this happen? Each of you should require yourself to delay Le Pen celebration, by waiting until no one in Parliament has immunity to the law. Dear kind people of France: Some of your health workers were killed years ago in west Africa by Al Shabaab while they were immunizing the children against polio. People of your country were immunizing Africans against polio . . . you’re awesome, but . . . but . . . your Parliament has immunity against the ¿Law? Get with the program people of France. Sincerely, Tom Doody »» about me 302-990-2346 nearlincoln@hotmail.com contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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