POTUS got laid, and everybody . .

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Rebekah Brooks was once a boss holding a powerful position in British media who for good reason was blamed for midbehavior of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. Though the blame was for good reason she took a disproportionate share of the blame, and one of the many undignifying events Rebekah had to face one was the disclosure of serial-mutually-consensual-sexual encounters with a man who held a subordinate position to the one she had just lost. The man lost his job too, and was a codefendant. Dear kind readers: If you’re a heterosexual man no imagination is needed. If your gender is not man, or you’re a man attracted to men, then please imagine you’re a man attracted to women. Sincerely, Tom Doody. The man who attracted the sexual attention of Rebekah had reason to feel great. Wow, pleasing the boss feels good, and repeatedly having the opportunity to bring the boss to sexual orgasm is boss pleasing at its best. Dear kind readers: It’s time for the imagination exercises. Remember you’re a heterosexual man bringing your boss to sexual orgasm, and you expect to repeat. Sincerely, Tom Doody. The man-brings-boss-to climax scenario is how I feel about Trump’s press conference yesterday. He is so happy with himself for attracting the attention of the American voters enough to get elected that he’s lost track of the complications. Like the Rebekah sex who was the boss and married, which made her subordinate’s favors good, but complicated . . . Trump’s election was no-doubt good for him, and yesterday’s press conference reveals his personal struggle reconciling with the complications. In this analogy the horney boss is the American voters, and Trump is the lucky man who just got laid. He seems to be telling the American people, “look how awesome this is, I got elected (laid), and everyone should be as happy as I am”. Sex with the boss and being elected President contain a core of something good, but both scenarios are complicated,and in Rebekah’s love story it crashed big . . . Donald’s love story with the American people is not yet told, and yesterday foreshadowed a man who’s not keeping the complications in perspective to his joy. »» about me 302-990-2346 nearlincoln@hotmail.com contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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