Barbados tavel guide

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« My wife, Hana, and I had a February 2017 Jetblue getaway from JFK to the Caribbean island of Barbados, and my prep included a 2016 Fodor’s Travel Caribbean Island tour guide book from Weehawken New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel library. The Fodor’s book immediately struck me as several times more efficient than blogger’s page after blogger’s page. For me as an amateur recreational writer I have learned I can drag on with meandering text with confidence knowing I’ll sustain most of my serial readers, because overtime they’ve determined the time they spend reading my text is small compared to the occasional thought-provoking message I might include, and generally travel bloggers with no professional editors and no costly publication go on and on as if they’re under zero pressure to make a relevant point. In contrast the writers of Fodor’s are backed with professional editors and project managers who know every paragraph in print has a price. The project manager of books like Fodor’s have profit and loss pressures that reinforce an ever present goal of efficiency. Dear kind reader and listeners: The goal of this audio message is to mix excerpts of Fodor’s book with the more relaxed less-pressured tales of one person’s experience on the Caribbean island of Barbados. If you’ve clicked on this vid with the intention of visiting Barbado, then please accept my advice and get a recent travel guide in print from your library or bookstore. Sincerely, Tom Doody. Fodor’s book includes the most practical information in the early pages of each section, and the Barbados section begins with: ONE: air travel TWO: bus travel THREE: car travel FOUR: car rental FIVE: taxi travel. The air travel includes airline details with phone number and websites. The bus section describes the blue buses, yellow buses, and the mini buses in impossible-to-understand condensed text. Even for people like Hana and me who know the idiosyncratic differences between private and public buses and we ride buses daily we were not equipped to understand in detail the Fodor’s text, but it got us prepared to asked questions like . . okay we take the yellow bus to Bridgetown ¿Do we pay when we get on, and does should change be expected? Fodor’s also says one must flag the buses and they are exactly correct, but . . . . everyone not prepared with this detail will know flagging is required after the first buses drives passed. Fodor’s also gives the estimates of taxi fares, but omits how aggressively cab drivers solicit. They are so aggressive there is little time to think as they pepper with questions. The bank at the airport is precisely described by Fodor’s including hours, bank name and exchange rate, yes, the USD BBD exchange rate is fixed and does not change. Though this sounds extreme one who walks away from the bank at the airport with all vacation cash in ten BBD bills will have no reason for regret. Drinking beer on the buses or standing in long lines is acceptable and smart. Dear kind readers: The common bottle opener can remove bottle caps by pressing down or pulling up. I notice the coolest islanders press down, so this is my MVT most valuable tip . . . if you want to make some attempt to be cool like the coolest islanders open your beer by pressing down on the openers. Also, though I don’t know how to modernize this for gay couples . . . . the man should walk next to the road with the woman away from traffic. Sincerely, Tom Doody »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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