25-yr-panaderia-delivery man

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Moments ago a chat with a ¿Jamaican? at La Gran Via (weird eye4got2ask . . must b sure he’s Jamaican). Señor Jamaica delivers for a bakery supply company with text that promos hablemos Español and Chinese characters that logic says "We speak Chinese” yet the three-man delivery team speaks neither Spanish nor Chinese . . . but with twenty-five years delivering for a bakery supply company in NYC, NJ, and ¿CT? Señor Jamaica sure would know the epic mejor-todo-al-mundo bakery . . . my question was focused on baked goods, but his answers derailed to coffee. The answer is Italian with Cuban a close second. I noticed he had coffee at his La Gran Via stop, and he probably snubs the Asian bakeries. Many Italian espresso bars in Italy have utilitarian machines just like US panaderias, but the US bakeries mimicking Italian bakeries have awesome-looking awesomely-cared-for machines. The espresso machines are like the cherry Fifties cars in Havana. The machines are clean and polished, and I imagine new employees approach them with a sense of seriousness, and maybe a little fear . . they have reason to think . . “I better get this right”, and it seems they get it right enough to convince a twenty-five-year-bakery-supply-delivery man that, “Italian” is the best. The best part of Italian espresso is that Hana will drink espresso with me instead of snubbing the places in the barrio where I have espresso. On occasion she breaks her no-barrio-espresso rule with Las Brisas. While I’m excited to visit Barbados it’s British, so their espresso is probably in short supply with no attempt to mimic the Italians . . . I’ll see next week. »» about me 302-990-2346 nearlincoln@hotmail.com contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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