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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« If someone were to claim this is a self-help blog like Tom’s tips, or how to practice safe sex I would deny it, but on this occasion I will offer schooling on the word, “maelstrom”. The obvious sentence is: Trump’s presidency threatens to be a maelstrom. The punchline of this text is at the expense of surfer talk, and what is commonly believed to be a small vocabulary of words that sound really cool when said by the legendary big wave surfer Greg Noll, or the fictitious surfer Sicoli played brilliantly by Sean Penn. Dr. Marlene Dominguez asked me yesterday as she was telling me my crown was no cause to worry, “How’s Hana?” and I said she’s into big wave surfing . . . . with a pause to be misunderstood which is a flash for the on-task secciona dentist . . . “on youtube” I added. I am known to be intense, and Hana has an intensity that warrants the same claim, and lately . . . for weeks . . she’s watching big-wave-surfing vids with intensity. Though the moment did not seem to be one I’d revisit I picked up the word’ “maelstrom”, and later read its definition, which in addition to meaning chaos it more precisely points to the unpredictable currents of turbulent water . . . wow . . . . in addition to this being a cool word with fresh Presidential application it was perfectly used by the ¿Surfer? The surfer vocabulary of Spicoli and Greg Noll wouldn´t seem to include the word. “maelstrom”, but I let it pass. By chance I mentioned it to Hana last night, she too recalled the big-wave-surfing-vid moment. Dear kind readers: No one has ever told me I should be a comedian, and through writing comedy is even more difficult, but with this text if you’re considered funny, then you might be able to repackage it for a laugh in an intimate situation. Sincerely, Tom Doody. The punchline is at the expense of the limited vocabulary of surfer talk, and the irony that a surfer used the word, “maelstrom”. Hana corrected me . . . . . the surfer in the big-wave-surfing vid was a professional writer for Surfer Magazine. Though his daily activities may include surfing his daily activities also include reading and writing expanding his vocabulary beyond, “awesome” and “gnarly” of Spicoli and Greg Noll. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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