birthday new years day

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Today was my a day to celebrate my birthday, and I started by a walk with Hana to her bus stop, which turned into a run to the bus stop. I stepped to deposit a small trash bag into the sidewalk receptacle, and my attention was elsewhere when Hana got my attention upon exiting our building with, “I’m not running”, which was my cue to race NJT156 to a bus stop a block away. The bus I was racing stopped driver-window to driver-window with the bus leaving NYC to have a short chat . . . really . . . this never happens . . or at least it never seems to benefit anyone when it happens, but it did and Hana stepped onto the bus without a sprinter’s heavy breathing. A miss on the NJT156 would have been the usual three more blocks to the NJT128, which was an early indication my day was charmed. About eight hours later after a series of cafes, a bar for a shot of tequila, and the famous Louisiana chicken . . Popeye’s. I’m proud to say I celebrated my birthday in a day designed for social media with a high point of Popeye’s. Rather than operate their high-tech beverage dispenser I pulled the tap for old-fashioned classic sweet tea, which sounds good to a lot of people, but it’s crazy over sweetened and I barely finished my two-mouth-full portion in an oversized cup. One thing to hate about social media is the people are right there sometimes at the same place (for me fb or hangouts) and at the same time, but their out of reach for any traditional conversation, but it was not the case for me today. I was able to convert enough pings into birthday-new-year’s-day-traditional conversations to make it fun. In the company of drunk Mexicans playing pool I chose the alternative of chats with Indians, childhood friends, and one college amiga. Theoretically I could have stayed home and done the same thing, but my cafe-bar-Popeye’s tour proved to be a better plan. Like a bar crawl that seems fundamentally stupid from a spectators perspective yet they’re fun and popular, and today I feel I chose an easy no-pre-planning-needed sober alternative to the bar crawl . . . awesome simple fun start to 2017. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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