middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« 00:43:51 on the phone with Mike and his wife who contacted me to understand their role in my DHL shipping plan. “Understand” is not the right word. Better stated they felt threatened by what I was doing and they wanted out, which could have been accomplished with a phone and an unfriend tap. At this moment I feel emotionally wounded. Mike is a bright accomplished scientist, and I did and still do hold him in high regard. He and his wife dragged me through a very intense line of questions and none of my answers were solving their inquires. She would ask me a question and he would cut my answer. They tried to send me the message they wanted my friendship though just not like this, but their message was personal and hurtful. “The ball is in your court” I said as he ran out of time. “Please hear me before you hang up I said” I reached on this occasion and though you think you might be saying my reach was welcome I got the opposite message. The next attempt to link us will not be at my initiative. I overestimated the strength of our link, and now I retract. It woke many of my failed relationships especially the ones in Michigan. People have a pattern of being attracted to me, and some describe a sense of higher energy with me in their sphere, but the high energy can flip to a something like an overboost of caffeine and they want me gone. Not just away from them; they want me out of their sphere. Sad and tearful I make a pledge: although I errored with a misjudgement of Mike and his wife I will learn details of my misstep without reducing the frequency and intensity that I reach to people. Mike’s wife repeatedly said, “I don’t get it”, but she does get DHL. Rather she doesn’t know how I got into her sphere again and she wants me out. Her tone, message, and punchy delivery is so familiar to me, and I feel reduced to a puddle. If their goal could have been achieved with an unfriend tap why did they put me through 00:43:51 of torture: ONE: they feel I’m owed more respect than an unfriend tap TWO: they were motivated by cruelty. I can’t distinguish; It felt cruel. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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