debt an almost client

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Dear amiga in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel: Today you halted your advancement toward clienthood with Adam and his amigos including me and a couple amigas. You’ve given me an opportunity to see our program from the perspective of someone who has thoughtfully chosen an alternative, and I’m going to leverage this moment into something for my blog and youtube channel. I’ll be careful not to pinpoint your ID. For someone unlike you whose debt has built over decades and whose debt is paid as agreed he or she needs to understand the risks of: “not paying as agreed”. His or her fear and sense of responsibility has kept these people with increasing amount of debt that seems to be ballooning into . . . bankruptcy. If we get these people with time remaining then they only need to accept three risks: ONE: tax TWO: collector calls, credit score, threatening letters THREE: lawsuit(s). With our comprehensive program including the client’s protected escrow account and attorney backup our clients get out of debt relatively fast and gracefully. Your situation is different, because you’re already experiencing the trauma of not paying as agreed. Your trauma I speak of is: low credit, collectors harass you, and you read threatening letters with reason to ask: ¿What? ¿Am I getting sued? You don’t need a comprehensive service like ours in the same way people who are still: “paid as agreed”. In addition you’ve taken a very smart step to get yourself under your creditors financial radar so the one lawsuit you have and any additional lawsuits are impotent. Although they make a public record your creditors cannot sue you and help themselves to your money, because you’ve separated deposit from your name while protecting your income. In addition your expected insurance settlement is not in your name, so it can’t be grabbed. It is a rare moment when someone declines our services, and I have a sense they’ll do just fine without us. Your insurance settlement is likely to allow you to settle with any creditors without undue delay, which will stop additional lawsuits. Two cautions: ONE: we commonly get the public record removed when we settle debt that converted from unsecured to secured through a court order, so if you and/or your tax pro can settle your one judgement with confidence then . . go for it. If your tax pro and you hesitate, then please ask me for a price on that one debt with a court order against you TWO: if you get another summons, and you can get it to us with time before your court date, then I would advise you to use us since we have attorney backup. In a matter of hours he’ll file a continuance giving enough time to settle. Even with your ability to pay from your insurance settlement a looming court date can unnecessarily pressure negotiations giving the law firm and unfair advantage. Aside from lawsuits considering your insurance settlement and under-the-radar financial status you’ll do just fine without us. If you or your tax pro feels even a trace of panic . . . please ask for help. The best thing about getting debt behind oneself though pro or DIY negotiations is people don’t accumulate excess debt again. Unlike drug rehab our graduates don’t relapse. Multiple bankruptcies are common, but no one does programs like ours twice. My personal theory is the process of solving one’s debt problem through fair negotiation gives people an education about debt that prevents relapse. This excessively detailed text is a product of me leveraging a moment in your financial life and the privilege you’ve given me to see our program from the perspective of an almost client. I leverage this moment for the potential benefit of other people who might have similar, but not exactly debt circumstances. Grazie for considering our debt-solve program, ciao Tomas »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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