no big loss to Ally Bank

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Dear kind person at Ally Bank: Your bank declared I had status. I’m told my elevated status was a product of my client behavior over time. With this new status your bank gave me the courtesy to approve a payment when I was short of funds. For reasons I described in earlier text I was outraged by this, because I didn’t want it; didn’t request it, and worst of all the courtesy came with a twenty-five-dollar fee. I decided to switch to Simple another internet bank with the Allpoint ATM network, but since internet accounts take time I needed and interim bank, so I chose Capital One where my money that was in your bank is now. I was holding my Ally account open beyond my decision to close it waiting for my final deposit from State Bank of India, but today came another overdraft notice for a fifteen dollar payment to Citibike for monthly NYC and Jersey City bike rental. I panicked. My final deposit was at risk of another one of your courtesy fees, so I closed the account expecting my final deposit to be returned to SBI leaving your bank with no more of my money to take. Please consider how easy it was prior to your bank rewarding me with courtesy. The Citibike program is current tech making moments rare when I need to talk to a person. If my monthly auto payment bounces I investigate and resolve without talking to a CSR . . no fee . . no problem . . very courteous. Some people are proud of their ability to run long periods of time without bouncing checks, and it seems your courtesy program was designed for them. They are probably happy to pay twenty-five dollars in the rare event of an overdraft. You spare them shame and they feel you’ve been courteous. Banking has changed giving birth to Millenials and people who think like millenials, me. We hate fees; and we are checking our transactions daily . . . your coutesy is lost on us, and it appears Simple gets us. I am no big loss as a banking customer, and if you lost a hundred clients like me you have reason not to notice, or care if you noticed. Best from New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel to Kitchener Ontario Canada and Phoenix Arizona, ciao Tomas »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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