This document is advised by the tax professional advising Amromed licensed as an LLC in the state of Arizona with me, Tom Doody, as manager. This document has three sections: ONE: inferences made by the tax pro from the documents presented to him TWO: risks and advice THREE: discussion and agreement ONE: INVERENCES: AAA: Amromed is a Arizona state LLC with Tom Doody as its only Manager BBB: The EIN document from IRS shows Tom Doody as a the sole member CCC: Contracts are signed by Niyaz Ahmed aka Peter Brown TWO: RISKS: AAA: without this document contracts imply that Amromed has hired Niyaz Ahmed as a CEO for which there would be an employment agreement in place. Without employment agreement for Niyaz Ahmed contracts executed as a CEO are invalid BBB: IRS would consider Tom Doody as the owner of business and every receipt of money in the bank account could be considered as income of Tom Doody in his personal capacity, which it’s not CCC: BankofAmeria is the only bank used by Amromed in 2016. All disbursements from the BankofAmerican account will be evaluated for deductibility. If there isn’t any binding contract or explainable reason for disbursements then the disbursements are not Amromed deductible expenses DDD: Arizona would also follow the federal level law and levy taxes separately EEE: If the payments are happening to any entity wherein either Niyaz Ahmed or Tom Doody are again holding any stake; then, it can attract transfer pricing regulations as well. THREE: DISCUSSION and AGREEMENT In addition to Amromed being licensed in the USA State of Arizona it is also licensed in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. In casual references these two companies are considered one company, “Amromed”. For the purpose of this document the two companies will be referred to as: Amromed AZ and Amromed TN. Amromed AZ is owned by Tom Doody, and Amromed TN is owned by Niyaz Ahmed. As owner of Amromed AZ I, Tom Doody, authorized Niyaz Ahmed to take the chief officer role. It is commonly assumed chief officers CEOs are company employees though Niyaz Ahmed is not an employee of Amromed AZ. Niyaz Ahmed fulfils the role of CEO in a contracted agreement between Amromed AZ and Amromed TN. Ten percent of the company’s revenue are paid to me, Tom Doody, as commission for dispersing the monthly revenue. The first couple months of Amromed’s history disbursed directly to Nizyaz Ahmed, and with our signatures Niyaz Ahmed and Tom Doody acknowledge this should be treated the same as if disbursements were made to Amromed TN. Amromed TN is compensated by Amromed AZ for day-to-day operations and CEO leadership. The disbursements of those funds paid to Amromed TN from Amromed AZ are not disclosed in this document. Those disbursements of Amromed AZ include payroll and compensation to Niyaz Ahmed as the contracted chief officer of the multinational Amromed. Risk not stated by the tax professional advising Amromed is my, Tom Doody’s, death. This risk and my succession plan are articulated in a mutually agreed separate document.


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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