annual facebook holiday snubs

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« For about a half decade I friend request facebook all the people who descended from my grandparents and all the mothers and fathers of descendants. This includes five families: Graves, O’Connor, Doody, Forhan, Twohey. Julie is the only Grave I talk to and she’s not on facebook, and I am unable to find other Graves. I have a few O’Connor people, but I get snubbed each year by Kate. Doody, yes, my name is Doody, seems my snub count is high considering the closeness: Steffen, Steffen, Kevin, Bill, Meg, Beth, Meg husband, Beth husband, Krista, Goldie. My Forhan snub list: Nancy, Chris, Tommy, Brad. I have zero to list on my Twohey snub list, which is cool. The saddest moment of this annual snub torture is seeing Doug’s profile showing our common friends. Doug has been on my annual snub list and he died in 2016. ¿Was he trying to tell me something? Time to get an answer expired. In past years I did this annual friend request, and suffered my snubs in silence, but recent years is accompanied by a post like this one, which is an improvement. I have reason to believe I’m blocked by Erin and Ryan. I requested my exwife, Angie before, but I skipped her this year. I’m not as organized as I could be, because my plan is to reverse my requests after Christmas, and each year I find a few that remain in, “requested” status. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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2 Responses to annual facebook holiday snubs

  1. Erika M says:

    Tom, you never fail to fascinate me. I was reading this post and feeling your pain for getting snubbed on Facebook. I bet everyone who is on Facebook has had that happen to them at one time or another and it truly hurts. I was feeling particularly bad about your kids blocking you and then I read this bombshell comment, “I requested my exwife, Angie before, but I skipped her this year.” I had to reread that several times. Seriously? Why would you want to be friends with someone on Facebook that you have a self-imposed no-talk-to rule policy in place with? I remember calling you out on this some months back when this policy was tripping you up with regards to a court appearance. So again I ask, why? What would be the point in being Facebook friends with an ex-wife that you won’t even speak to and more importantly don’t want to speak to? Please enlighten me!

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