son txt xchange

though I liked to keep my blog continuous text without paragraph breaks I left them here, because they capture the rapidity of the text exchange bwt me and my son . . . only my txt is posted . . .

ur invited2live with Hana me and Alejandro Summer 2017 eye am seeking a reply from u . . . eye’ll deliver this invitation in a manner that obligates a reply if u remain silent

it was a threat

a threat2involve other ppl2get a reply from u

u replied so we’ll never know if eye were prepared to make good on my threat

u can work in NYC this summer

live with me

my invitation is sincere

grazie4the reply

k grazie4considering . . . though eye noted ur decline the invitation remains open may b u’ll educate me on a better way2approach

publicly call u out seems wrong4what eye prob wud have done . . rather Kevin, Brian, or Drew wud b asked to deliver the message u will4ever have no repercussions for dising me, but family makes a reply to Brian, Kevin,, or Drew a natural obligation


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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