NYC Liberal hypocracy

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« I replied to Tom on facebook. He shed light on the hypocrisy of Hamilton’s call for non-White cast and yet this show praises itself for diversity. Tom also describes what the cast did to Mike Pence as an, “attack”. Tom and I are fellow graduates of the same Cleveland prep school during the same graduation year, and many years have passed though I know if I were vis-a-vis my mild harassment, “attacked” Tom ¿Sensationalized? and he would concede though on social media it appears Tom will let my reply stand. To rephrase Tom’s hypocrisy charge he speaks to New York liberals saying get off your high horse, you (Tom addressing NYC Liberals) claim to support diversity though evidence stands against it. Tom is correct and desegregated NYC schools is another example of the double standard of NYC liberals. Though Tom’s point of NYC liberal hypocrisy can be independently verified and is valid Tom misapplies it. The cast member who lectured Pence didn’t speak for all of NYC and he didn’t speak for the show and it’s shameful exclusionary practices. The case member spoke of how he and the cast felt. Instead of evaluating the content of the cast members message Tom imagined the case member on a team and burdened that cast member with the exclusionary casting practices that were used to select the cast. Tom was wrong to pollute the cast member’s message with recruiting practices of the show. The cast member was rewarded by those recruiting practices of Hamilton, and he is not responsible decisions made selecting the cast. Tom writes as if the Latino chosen to lead the play should have responded to his successful selection, ¿Don’t you think a White lead would be better? Tom and I were rewarded by recruitment practice of our Catholic prep school and neither of us want to be burdend by the predetory behaviour of pediphile priests or the management who protected them. If this country is going to united more than we do today, then advancement toward judging people for what they say and do is best, and the alternative Tom chose will forever keep us separate and on competing teams. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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