Patricia Byrne

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« As a blogger I routinely check my click-history report, and today’s text is inspired by my fresh, “heroin addict” vid. My early years of blogging was constant disappointment, but with time I transitioned away from my traditional expectations to modern digital realities. I started to become calibrated. In addition I got better at predicting attention garnished and attention retained based on content, keywords, and timing. My most recent advancement is a phone with a lot of storage that allows me to record and create a vid with no dependence on cellular, and no dependence on wifi, and, “heroin addict” is my first vid I did with all these elements, and my click-history report today tells me I scored. Since I don’t have great keywords my total clicks will remain low though my minutes viewed tell me I’m keeping the attention I get. I have no reason to believe the woman, Patricia Byrne, who wrote the text knows I’ve recorded her text as my script. I’ve given her appropriate credit, and I’ll make an additional effort to get my recording in front of her. Patricia describes a front-row view of a heroin addiction as the mother of an addict. In addition Patricia describes how heroin is quietly attacking people, and making a muted attack on a country. Though Patricia writes not one syllable that sounds preachy her text is an unmistakable call to action that any reader can internalize. The power of Patricia’s text generated emotion heard in my voice. While I chose my venue with a sense of performance my reading was authentic emotion and not a performance. I sit alone on a quiet Monday morning in my home office. Business hours in my time zone have begun, but my business activities don’t get triggered until later. I think about heroin addiction feeling both empowered and helpless. The first Trump-Hillary debate is tonight, and nothing will be said about heroin addiction, so I can’t cast a vote to help, but I’ve done something, and I’ll continue to keep my eyes open and my ears tuned to the demon that is heroin addiction. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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2 Responses to Patricia Byrne

  1. Wow, Tom. Thank you for your emotional reading of my words. I hadn’t read this article in a while and it was interesting to hear your ‘take’ on it as you read it.
    As for voting with the Heroin Epidemic in mind … Hillary has a plan, Trump says all these people ‘getting hooked’ is a ‘terrible thing’ …. You can do the math 😉
    Thanks again for choosing to make a vid with my words. It’s beautiful.


    • Tom Doody says:

      ur welcome for my emotional reading of ur words . . .¿Trump? or ¿Hillary? . . . eye’ll vote4Hillary . . . Trump’s pitching2bullseye ppl not black, not Muslim, not, not, not . . . not drug addicted


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