seeking a call with Jeff

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Dear kind readers: I speak of Jeff in this post. His name is Jeff, and his ID can be found in my youtube channel in a vid about Bucks County pill ring. Sincerely, Tom Doody. A youtube search for Jeff’s first and last name finds my vid with high search ranking, and I heard the objection to my vid in an appeal to remove it from Jeff himself. His voice sounded weak like the man I knew with a whiney tone to his voice only weaker with more emphasis on the aforementioned tone. The length of the phone call is in the archives of this blog, so the actual number can be found. In this text I only describe the duration as, “short”. Jeff opened by claiming I said certain things about him on the internet, and he recited quotes. I was at El Rincon in my barrio with a laptop and good internet connection, and the text Jeff referred to was before me in seconds. “This was in the newspaper” I replied, which is a point he did not dispute. Some further exchange ended with him saying, “because it’s hurting me” in the whiniest voice I’ve heard from this whiney-voice-tone man. Those words are likely to be the final words I’ll ever hear from Jeff. I revisit Jeff’s call on the occasion of the internet trending with people objecting to Ohio authorities for doing exactly what I did. What I wrote about Jeff was in the newspaper, so he in effect targeted me with his anger, because some mystery of youtube gave my vid high ranking. My vid held the number one youtube ranking for some time, and it might continue to be page one now, but a removal of my vid reveals other high-ranking stories about Jeff’s arrest. I mock Jeff’s whiney voice for narrative detail. Though whiney is a negative adjective I can say sincerely the sound of Jeff’s voice is good to me. We had a friendship that predated his arrest, and I sincerely like Jeff, and I wanted to stay linked to him in the debt business as we were then. Jeff’s legal troubles purged him from the debt business, so staying linked to him through business was not an option though saying linked to him in friendship was, but my vid stood in our way. If I had excess money and time to seek and pay the other sources that rank with a Jeff search, and then contracted with each of them to remove and stay removed then those hits would be replaced by others, which would move up the list. This ranking effect is a reality of the internet, and I only rephrased a newspaper story. I don’t control google rankings, and even google doesn’t control google rankings. I happened to get high ranking, and Jeff has no good reason to fault me for it. Jeff’s time would be better spent staying with me on a phone call, and hearing some of what I describe here in this post — he didn’t — it’s not too late. Rather he whined and hung up after a few short minutes. Dear kind readers: There is a chance I’ve retained readers who know Jeff. I would like to talk to Jeff again, and I appeal to anyone who knows him to get me that phone call. Sincerely, Tom Doody »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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