T Michael Glenn ¿Hajime?

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Hajime 花bro: You’re sis is at Bloomingdale’s today, and today is a US holiday giving me time with little pressure, which is perfect to revisit pitching you as a prospective subject of Kinfolk magazine. To describe Kinfolk I’ll begin with contrast to today’s pop celebrities. For me Madonna is the quintessential star whose appetite for publicity has been conspicuous all of my adult life. Madonna blasted into stardom in a 1984 MTV performance of, “like a virgin” and unlike other stars decades have passed without her crashing. In an out of marriages and other hookups up and down the pop charts and there she is year after year in the public eye. She craves attention and I cannot imagine an interview exploding, because and media-pro asked her a too-personal question. Some stars have topics that are off limits, but with Madonna everything seems within limits. Madonna is not unique, though with her age and mine she becomes the best example I can contrast to Kinfolk. In the same issue that features T Michael is a nice story of the late Glenn Gould who was a Canadian pianist and composer whose talent put him among greats of classical music. I knew of Glenn from a documentary and other chance pings over years, so I had the nice perspective of Kinfolk feature vs. other media. I know of an account of a media-pro man walking with a former girlfriend of Glenn on a beach near where your amigo Fulvio lives in the Hamptons. The piece already established Glenn had this weird thing about his hands, and he wore insulating gloves twelve months of the year. The media-pro asked the former girlfriend if he was wearing the gloves on the summer day and the answer was, “yes”. In addition to confirming another account of this weird habit her, “yes” came with a trace of contempt for her former man. It is my sense a writer for Kinfolk would not do the same. A Kinfolk media-pro would not twist the focus of his or her piece by diverting from the man’s musical brilliance and onto his collection of quirky habits. With Kinfolk the subject remains the art and the artist, and the subject remains contained. The physical monthly form of Kinfolk distinguishes it in look and feel. The pages are printed to the edge without Vogue-like gloss, and the cover and back cover have a rubbery feel. The editorial content distinguishes itself too. I finished my first Kinfolk text in Whole Foods while your sister was selectively adding to our cart in produce. The text was about a Colombian photographer whose work was in NYC, and her retirement was in Colombia. ¿Is she gay? A few clicks to other media could probably have answered the question Kinfolk left unanswered, but to date I’ve elected to leave it unanswered. Though your sister is faster than the legendary slow thorough shoppers: the late Haruki and Kazuko, Hana gives me plenty of time to get through Kinfolk. I’m getting closer to directing some text about you to @kinfolk. Probably after another Whole Foods trip, ciao Tomas »» about me 302-990-2346 nearlincoln@hotmail.com contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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