mamma is easily accessed NOT

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Dear Drew, Kevin, Ellen, Marty, Ann, David, Brian Julie, Amy, and Meg: In a quirky like-mamma-like-daughter manner Hana refers to her employer, Bloomingdale’s Soho, as prison, and Kazuko refers to her Catholic home for elderly as prison.  Though aging limited her freedom and the home’s food is not Italian fine dining there are no similarities between Kazuko’s home and famous prisons like Gitmo or Altiplano where El Chapo liberated himself twice.  This pic taken on a day of liberation by Hana paparazzi style is me with Kazuko in Gravedona Italy.  My pleasure with the mamma moments I had are abundant for at least two reasons: ONE: in the context of family humor “prison” was funny and also unsettling, so getting to visit mamma in her new home, and liberate her so easily scored big with me  TWO: my direct care activities for David in the half decade before he died and Erin and Ryan are light, and my care of my own mother has made few demands, so my time with Kazuko helped me feel slightly more balanced.  Some text to make Kazuko’s new home more memorable: Italy is known for awesome coastline with striking beauty, and with the exception of Florence and Milan all the A stops are on the coast.  The commuter train system from Milan spiders from the hub distances similar to Chicago and NYC, and one of the most northern legs of that train system terminates in Como, which is on Lake Como with the lake spreading north into the highest mountains of Europe.  Mamma’s new home in Gravedona is on the northern tip of Lake Como.  Here is flawed logic: ONE: Lake Como is not big  TWO: Como is on the southern shore of one of the lake’s legs, and it’s connected by commuter train to one of Italy’s biggest cities, Milan THEREFORE: mamma is easily accessed.  The opposite it true, because the road to Gravedona hugs the curvy shore of Lake Como, which requires a long slow drive to reach Gravedona from Como.  Today I resume work from home with mamma in a place she affectionately calls prison and Hana in a place she affectionately calls prison, ciao cuz, cuz, sis, sis, sis, bro, cuz, cuz, cuz, and cuz from NJ Tommy, Tom, Tee (aka Tomas, wish an Italian amico or amica called me Tommaso). »»  about me  302-990-2346  contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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