¿Who is T Michael?

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« 花bro Hajime amigo: ¿Who is T Michael? T Michael was the subject of a feature story in Kinfolk Magazine, and the issue is on the newstands now.  Ironically the young Black woman on the cover seems not to be the subject of the feature inside, but rather the one model used in the story of a designer.  T Micheal got my attention.  In addition to being Black with fashionable grey hair he wears very cool glasses designed for him, which are referred to by the Kinfolk writer as his, “trademark”.  T Michael’s summary in itself is a nice story.  He is Ghana born, so like other people tracing their recent roots to Ghana his skin is very dark, which contrasts with his fashionable grey hair making his look attractive and memorable.  His look probably has contributed to his success as a designer in Scandinavia where the color of the people is white and whose hair hangs naturally straight unlike T Michael.  T Michael’s moment that began his transition from tailor to designer was when he tired of customers requesting the same blue suit again and again, so he tailored his own design, and displayed it in the window of his off-Broadway Scandinavia tailor shop.  That’s T Michael, but more importantly is how his story fits the editorial content of Kinfolk Magazine, and how I propose your story would fit the editorial content of Kinfolk magazine.  I did not suggest an alternative, and rather I took the seat where I was told.  The head of the table did not seem the appropriate choice for an American visiting Italy who was not celebrating a special occasion and no paying for dinner.  It became clear to me your seat was thoughtfully chosen for schmooze opportunity with the arriving customers.  Though “Lifestyle” is how Kinfolk describes their editorial content, and not, “great schmoozers of the decade” the seat choice at Harry’s Bar with the people you assembled and treated all speak of lifestyle that, in my humble opinion, fits the editorial content of Kinfolk magazine.  The purpose of this text is not to convince you to let me pitch you to Kinfolk, but rather a disaster check.  Pitching you to Kinfolk would require me knowing more issues of the magazine with the goal of revealing conceptual links between your lifestyle and the editorial content of Kinfolk magazine, so as long as I don’t have a, “NO not me” reaction from you I’ll read with purpose next time Kinfolk is in my hands, ciao from New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel to lovely Largo di Como. »»  about me  302-990-2346  nearlincoln@hotmail.com  contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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