Freddie Gray ¿Minute by minute?

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« The three Freddie Gray trials have left me hungry for more details.  I felt outrage that three trials could conclude in a high-profile case leaving me without the minute-by-minute account of what happened to Freddie in the hours before his death.  The “rough ride” claim of the prosecution claimed the driver made wreckless turns while Freddie’s bound body was beat with blunt force as momentum caused forceful impacts inside the van.  The prosecution all but withdrew this assertion during the course of the third of six trials.  If Freddie’s body made hard impacts with surfaces of the inside of the van, then autopsie should (my claim) leave abundant evidence.  Since the rough-ride claim was nearly withdrawn, then maybe the autopsy evidence did not support a rough-ride,  ¿Why would the prosecution be using the rough-ride theory at the beginning of the third trial?  My amigo Adam explains the detailed minute-by-minute account I hunger for will be public, but only after the sixth of six trials.  I can´t forget the Freddie Gray video.  The image of Freddie cuffed struggling to stand is upsetting, and later learning that he died is an outrage.  The young Black men who are not in jail or dead are way out of balance by count compared to young Black women.  It is wrong for anyone to deny how the imbalance of young Black men to young Black women is heavily influenced by the unfavorable odds young Black men face.  Though I feel I’ve eradicate this behaviour I’ve mounth off to cops, and been given slack that odds are would have been denied me if I were Black.  I was married and a father of two before I was thirty, and odds are my first wife would not have had me as a husband, because of my death or encarceration.  Equal opportunity is not equal.  Conservatives deny this, and liberals blame conservatives.  Our first Black president is finishing his second term, and I voted for him twice.  Whether we deny racism, or blame someone.  Racism is cancer.  I would feel more proud to be an American if more of MLK’s dream was real. »»  about me  302-990-2346  twitter  contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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