ur wrong Mr. President

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Conservative sources are more consistent with my thinking following the Orlando mass murder, and President Obama, who I admire and honor, is wrong.  For his own reasons the President said early after Orlando when it was known Mateen had pledged allegiance to ISIL that there was “no evidence” Mateen had been directed by ISIL.  It might be that moment that got me to question my President.  This is an effective leader and man who by nature, intellect, and the constraints of his job: does not rush to conclusions, but he’s concluding there is no evidence in the early days after the murders.  If one is sure no evidence exists prematurely, then he or she is sure not to find evidence with maturity.  ¿Why seek evidence if you’ve already concluded there is none?  The President’s, “no evidence” words sensitized me, and I remained sensitized and ready to tip against the, “lone wolf” theory.  The lone wolf theory includes the idea that a radical is isolated and his or her turn to violence happens distant from social support.  “Closing down Mosques” is a bad idea, because it’s the social connection that keeps people peaceful — evidence is stacking against this, keeps-people-peaceful theory.  Dear kind readers: I am an amateur blogger, and I lack the resources to fully-substantiate my text.  As an alternative I will guide you to a couple of persuasive clicks.  Sincerely, Tom Doody.  On the CBS youtube channel is: “Orlando shooter’s father says gays will be punished by God”.  The vid is proof mass-murderer Mateen was not a, “lone wolf”.  Manteen was acting on instructions of his gay-hating father.  Kill the, lone-wolf theory now!  Dear Mr. President: You claim there is no evidence Manteen was directed by ISIL, and I have reason to doubt you, but on this occasion I accept your rushed conclusion.  The part I don’t accept is your, lone-wolf theory.  Manteen was socially connected with a gay-hating collection of people including his wife.  Manteen is reported to be gay including one account where he sent a penis selfie to a man he met at Pulse.  You claim Manteen is a lone wolf, but he was socially connected.  Socially connected with gay-hating people.  His self-loathing mental process hatched plans for suicide after killing a bunch of gays.  Respectfully, your lone-wolf theory is wrong Mr. President.  Sincerely, Tom Doody »»  about me  302-990-2346  twitter  nearlincoln@hotmail.com  contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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