where there is credit repair

Dear my credit-repair amigo in Philadelphia: With this text I’ll describe and opportunity for both of us with the idea: “Where there is credit repair there is debt relief”  First a compliment: To compliment you I must describe a more typical practice among credit repair professionals, which is: credit-repair pros often repair what their service allows, and regarding enduring negative  records they’ll say, “We did the best we can”.  You, amigo, go further with a more comprehensive service for your clients, and it’s a pleasure being associated with you.  In addition to financialrescuers.com I represent lowshiprates.com, and the archives of this blog has periodic text about my personal emotional drama getting paid.  “Alejandro” is the pseudonym for the man whose monthly pay to me is chronically delinquent.  My only lowshiprates.com client that I stay connected with is: Mia Services in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel.  The owner is Izzy from DR and it’s through this shipping service that I’ve become a familiar visitor to his accounting tax service business, so I continue to offer shipping hoping I can leverage my twice-per–month visits to debt-relief referrals, but it’s not happening.  Since more people need credit repair than do debt relief . . . . maybe . . . . just maybe if I present your company, then you’d get credit-repair referrals, and pass the debt-relief referrals to me.  On my most recent visit to Izzy’s he confirmed:  ONE: interest in a company for credit repair  TWO: having no company for credit repair.  Amigo: I trust you know businesses like Izzy’s in Latino neighborhoods.  A feature includes: no appointments with one overworked administrative person in charge of crowd control during tax season.  Though the barrio is a mix of Latinos Izzy’s clients are almost exclusively DR with a mix of people from other counties — not all Spanish-speaking of the Americas.  Izzy’s daughter is Michelle, and I’d like to get someone from your office on the phone with her, and I’m wondering if there is an interest.  ¿Can you help?  Sincerely, Tom Doody


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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