Trumps’ biggest problem

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« After this week’s news I pledge to listen for accused people claiming accusations are politically motivated.  Hillary did is with email, and Trump is doing it with Trump U.  Trump claims the challenges to the validity of Trump University are personally bias.  For the purpose of making my point I’ll say Trump is in part correct.  It is understandable someone wants to burn Trump.  Trump’s media-practice hysterics would make him a fun man to prosecute.  For the purpose of making my point I will also say not 100% of the motive is personally bias.  Some portion of the motivation is legal professionals doing their jobs.  These are men and women who read complaints, analyse by comparing accusations and deciding their prosecution targets.  For the legal professional acting against Trump with a mostly-not-personally-bias process Trump’s words are offensive.  Dear kind readers: Please, I’m begging; I’ll do anything, por favor, imagine yourself as a dedicated professional looking at all the alleged crimes that should be prosecuted.  Imagine choosing Trump mostly, because the complaints combined with the facts makes Trump a good target.  Now imagine Trump claiming your only motive is Trump; not what motivates a dedicated professional, but rather Trump.  Trump accuses you of using the power trusted in you and twisting it to settle some imaginary score with Trump.  Sincerely, Tom Doody.  Trump’s biggest problem (yes, of all the Trump problems I claim with this text I know which one is the biggest) Trump’s biggest problem is Trump.  He assigns an oversized financial value to his name, and he treats himself as though everything is about him.  This persona is fine if you’re Johnny Depp, but a disastrous trait for a global leader. »»  about me  302-990-2346  twitter  contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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