alternatives to Cosby silence

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Allegations that Bill Cosby is a serial rapist are in the news again this time with one of the biggest names in sex of his day: Hugh Hefner.  Hefner is legendary with a birth year about the same as my dad’s.  I feel like I always knew of Hefner as my boy brain transitioned to sexually-developed boy brain.  I note my words could sound as though I’m blaming the victims though with this risk noted I begin to differentiate what I am doing from victim blamming.  The topic of victim blaming is justifiably explosive.  The Cosy victims are victims and not perpetrators.  With that said crimes like Cosby’s are happening today with most of them nameless perpetrators with way-fewer victim counts, but women who are victims of people with pressure ranging from light to extreme-celebrity-Cosby-like pressure probably feel the pressure to remain silent as they balance the need to stop crimes against additional victims.  My suggestion: leak leak leak — thoughtful strategic leaks.  For example, if I took an anonymous contract from a person of unknown credibility I would post the account.  I would tell the caller’s or text leaker’s story without naming people.  The alleged victim could then leak names with other people pointing to my post.  This is exactly what the National Enquirer does, which is publishing hearsay.  Cosby’s crimes are in the news, but none of them are news.  They’re newsworthy history.  The internet is here, and victims are stilled pressured to remain silent, but options to have someone’s story heard are many times more abundant than when Cosby was forcing his penis in mouths, viginas and anusus of women without their consent.  I have no positive sentiment for Bill Cosby or for myself having to cope with a crushed image man I found entertaining.  Accusers must not get additional blame.  Today’s victims who choose to remain silent should know there are alternatives to silence. »»  about me  302-990-2346  twitter  contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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