Postmates relaunch

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« There is some quote about the wise learning from the mistakes of others, and the quote puts learning from the mistakes of others at a higher level than learning from one’s own mistakes.  No one can fault this time-tested wisdom . . . ¿Really?  I can.  Someone could learn from my Postmates videos how not to be too slow and how not to ignore a low rating.  The listeners could also learn the rating comes from National, and the standard to keep the job is determined locally.  Listeners can learn a vague memory of the minimum alarm-level rating mentioned during onboarding is not unimportant even though it’s only shared verbally.  A listener could learn from me the weekly email that posts the rating omits the standard of performance even though it’s important, but but but my listeners would be missing something.  My full immersion in Postmates, and the unexpected termination at the company’s discretion was an experience that can’t be passed in full to my listeners.  Life experiences can be the best teacher if one is a good student ¿Me? sometimes yes; sometimes no.  I claim with sincerity I was a good postmates student, and now just days less than a week from the initial emotional torture of my, “account closed” message I am ready to try again.  Unfortunately I’m on a Postmates blacklist for six months (mas y menos), so I’ll try Caviar or Door Dash.  What I feared is that I would need my own bike to avoid failure, but in recent hours I’m planning a re entry with almost no changes.  Two new self-imposed guidelines: ONE: don’t stack  TWO: take only nearby jobs.  I was trusting the Postmates app when it gave me a new assignment that I could complete it on time, but I was wrong.  “Staking” or taking a delivery assignment while in process pushes a rating down, which could be okay for someone who is careful about his or her rating, but not someone like me who was ignoring my rating.  I’ll earn less money with my new plan, but I’ll continue to get the benefit of being in NYC rather than my home office with some income to offset my NYC expenses while allowing me to blend the physically active deliveries with the not-physically-active marketing.  On this occasion I sense learning from my own mistakes proves to be better than I could give anyone though my blogging. »»  about me  302-990-2346  twitter  contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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