if today then Trump

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« If I were to vote today for one of the remaining five candidates I would choose Trump.  Yesterday Hillary and my wife made it easy for me, because together we watched her dialog with a young black Sorority woman in South Carolina (“dismissive” made my google search successful), and Hana’s reaction matched mine.  One central message of Democrats is inclusion, and we’ve had great Democrats whose personal social sense matched the message of inclusion like: the three Kennedy brothers, Bill Clinton, and the best of all Barack Hussein Obama.  These five were some of this nation’s great Democrats, but Hillary is exclusive by nature.  Hillary is a Republican living a Democrat’s life.  Bernie is easily my favorite person though I can’t handle his politics.  Cruz or Rubio fuhgeddaboudit.  Of all the offensive things Trump has said and done the Muslim ban is the only one that causes great struggle for me.  Banning people who practice a certain religion from this country is anti American.  In addition to being anti American it gives terrorist an undeserved promotion of epic proportions.  Trump’s words to block Muslims entering this country makes terrorist the one voice of all Muslims.  Trump’s words to block Muslims are counter-counter-terrorism, and his words are dangerous.  I object to Trump for his block-Muslim words, and I object even more to see my fellow countrymen and fellow countrywomen celebrate his stupidity.  With Hillary’s stumbles and the wild politics of Bernie a Republican is likely to be the successor of President Obama, and Trump is the least likely of the three (Trump, Cruz, Rubio) to reverse the country’s gains by allowing gay LTR hookups to be accepted as legit.  Dear Donald Trump: If you continue to say stupid things like offend Megyn Kelly and Mexicans entering this country illegally I can handle it though I wish you’d think more and talk shit less.  If you attempt to enact your thoughtless block-Muslim plan, then you embody the single biggest risk to the safety of humanity.  Sincerely,  Tom Doody.  BTW: I like Bernie better than you though if I were to vote today you’d get my vote. »» about me  302-990-2346  twitter  nearlincoln@hotmail.com  contact us

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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