DR barber get BMW y ice scraper

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« 00:21:34 expressing anger has to feel good this morning.  My high point of the day was hearing Ryan’s voice.  Years passed with a series of short weekly teenger noises then it was followed by my calls not being answered.  I kept calling, and he said he didn’t answer, because he didn’t see the point.  He is now trashing me for not being more involved, which is heat I’m prepared to take.  God it was good to hear his voice.  I also wished Brogan and Beth happy birthday in a phone conversation.  Jince and David on facebook too.  Yesterday was a big family-connection day for me.  Hana has her eye’s on Kyryl who works security at work.  She’s one of at least four women competing for his attention, and she’s the only one who’s currently hooked up.  If I were betting on horses Hana would get my bet.  Aside from my preference for Hana she has proven focus in getting her man.  The potential for disaster is real including terminating a second marriage for me, and Hana’s first.  At this point it’s limited to flirtatious chatter as she passes Kyryl who works security at the exit, so there has been little opportunity to exchange phone numbers, and meet outside of work.  Hana came home with an ice scraper that was part of a security promo, so in a sense it was from Kyryl, so she didn’t want to let it go, but my second appeal for the scraper was successful, and now a Bloomingdale’s ice scraper is in the hands of Alexis.  Alexis is the DR barber on our block, who owns a beautiful new black grande four-door BMW.  I’ve encouraged Hana to get Kyryl’s number not because of self-defeating practices, but rather I want Hana to get the satisfaction of navigating this delicate security exit opportunity while the other three women are just talking.  This is touchy.  I want Hana to feel victory yet I want victory not to be consummated with sex.  Kyryl was hired while Hana and I were in San Diego, and she got his attention about three weeks ago, and since then it’s disrupted our home life.  It’s funny for me to think about this from Kyryl’s perspective.  He’s handsome, charming, and probably smart, and he’s just smiling and flirting like any other man with good looks and charm does, and yet he has no reason to believe it’s become the domestic event it’s become for Hana and me.  One woman vying for Kyryl’s attention is twenty-one years old, which is the biggest motivator I’ve had for Hana to get his number.  I ask Hana: ¿How will you fee if we keep talking, and the twenty-one year old navigates this delicate exit-door situation with maturity while you sit on the sidelines?  If I lose, and my second marriage passes like my first.  At least I know I’ve made a play to win that makes me sense losing will reconcile gracefully.  The best part of this Kyryl event is my relatively high confidence that Hana has honored our marriage to date with monogamy though the uncertainty of the near future is palpable. »» about me  302-990-2346  twitter  nearlincoln@hotmail.com  contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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