Home Depot bucket new feature

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« My bucket has a new feature.  Dear kind readers: I want you to understand what I’ve done to improve my bucket.  To understand what I have done you must understand a problem I had.  Sincerely, Tom Doody.  My home-depot bucket is an ordinary five-gallon orange plastic bucket from Home Depot.  I’ve designed and fabricated from bicycle inner tubes and PVC pipes a suspension that holds me above the bucket comfortably.  I carry the suspension component in one hand and my computer and accessories in the bucket with my other hand.  My laptop has twelve-hours of battery power, so when I deploy in an area with wifi I have a high-functioning office arrangement with a comfortable seat and phone.  I have problems including too much sunlight, too cold, NYPD who wants me someplace else.  The problem that’s a subject of this post is when I want to read and create a youtube audio.  If someone is going to listen to me read I might as well give him or her visual, so I want my camera pointed at something that moves like cars or people.  PROBLEM: I have no place to put my computer.  SOLUTION: with plastic from Chinese-restaurant bulk oil-bottles and bicycle inner tubes I mount the computer off the side of my bucket and here are the results.  My first youtube audio with laptop-Home-Depot-side-mount visual: Rolling Stone UVA Rape. »» about me  302-990-2346  twitter  nearlincoln@hotmail.com  contact us

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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