Adam’s refinment

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« “He’s in jail” comes spontaneously with some emotion from an older Indian woman hefa de liquor store near Flaming Burritos in Weehawken New Jersey.  In my gig with neighborhood casual conversation I talked about the weather and holidays like everyone else, but I’m often going for more, and in time some people perform like Manish Patel who frequently says with pressure as I’m holding the door open with Hana already on the sidewalk, “yea but, listen to this”.  It was Mother’s Day weekend and I established this Indian woman was a mother, and I wished her Happy Mother’s Day, then we debated whether or not India’s day to honor mother’s is Sunday or some other day like Dominican Republic.  The Indian woman suggested India has no Mother’s Day, but I did not correct her through I was sure India is one of the forty-six countries with Mother’s Day.  In the same position I am with my repeat Manish Patel exits near the door with Hana ahead of me I say, “What about Salman Khan?”, and I get the response I was seeking — engaging, emotional, and fun.  I smiled about this moment through dinner with Hana, and again now as I tap this text on the Monday after Mother’s Day.  Dear kind members of Adam’s staff: In Adam’s most recent comment on my blog Adam types the word, “always” in all caps.  If it were not for our time together in Newark charm school I would fear this is a moment Adam would lose it, but he’s refined and poise, so this is not my worry.  However, the pressured emotion about celebrity news is ever present within your boss.  Some of Adam’s favorites, or I should say, “infavorites” are the British royalty, Kim and Kanye, and if Adam were Indian, then Salman Khan would fit nicely on Adam’s infavorites list.  I think of each of you reading my Salman-Khan moment.  Reading of me celebrating celebrity news.  For me it’s even double weird, because it’s as if I don’t get enough celebrity news in my country, so I search in India.  As you read this you know the boss might soon click on the same text, and hear yet another time of the evils of celebrity news.  This, my amigos in the great North American desert near Sky Harbor International, can be unsettling, but rest assured Adam is a Newark graduate, and in addition he knows this middle-age receptionist is answering the calls to his business from nine to eleven today, so Adam is sure to get through it with the poise and refinement he developed in Newark, ciao Tomas »»  about me  302-990-2346  twitter  contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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