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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« I had my third success in the subway barking, “no” as if I were yelling at a dog, and the person stuffing himself into an overstuffed subway surrendered and waited on the deck for the next train.  Some dog owners know the satisfaction of a well trained dog.  The first stages of dog training are rewarded by not having to clean the mess of a pre-housebroken dog.  The advanced stages include relaxing when the dogs is off a leash, because the owner is sure the dog will return on command.  Dear kind readers: Imagine getting a human, a stranger, a New-York subway rider to react to your, “no” as if you’re a dog master, and he or she is a dog.  You must try this.  Few people are in the NYC subways more than me, so I have many more occasions for my dog-human-command stunt than you, but you’re opportunities are not zero.  It could be the most fun you have in NYC.  Sincerely, Tom Doody.  Today I barked, “no” directly into a steel support, so my voice could not be easily traced to me, and it was effective.  No one behaved as if he or she knew I was the one who barked, “no”, and I had the pleasure of seeing a man trying to stuff himself on an overstuffed train remain on the platform to ride the next train, which was less than a train-length behind. »» about me  302-990-2346  twitter  contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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