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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« This post is inspired by nice online social activity partly credited to my bucket office.  People I refer to: ONE: Sophie who I rode the E train with tonight and tweeted a picture.  I am a married man riding a train with a woman I am not married to, but that is not part of my reference to Sophie.  Dear kind readers: My wife is comfortable with the circumstances that put Sophie and me on a train together and you can be too.  Sincerely, Tom Doody  TWO: @snapchatromney and @liveyourlegends are two people I met while on my bucket on two separate occasions and I tweeted pictures  THREE: Hana, my wife, we met on and married her the same year in 2006  FOUR: John.  Friends and family is a phrase commonly used and it gives the impression friends are sort of close to family, but I have 500 friends on facebook, and I don’t have 500 people who have near-family importance in my life.  John does.  SIX: Vidya.  Vidya is Indian and an India resident and he is the one person I’ve listed here I have not met in person.  Somehow Vidya over years of having common interest in business and recreational thinking has become a friend of quality that makes the online part seems an unimportant distinction.  Membership-based friendships are based on common membership and for me the most obvious examples includes: church, local community, work, union and country club.  If membership-based friends are believed to be time-tested high-value friends, then painful disappointment naturally accompanies the end of membership.  My disappointment dealing with the trauma from terminated membership inspires me to keep my expectations reconciled.  I will never join a country club.  Never say never.  I will never join a country club.  QUESTION: What do I do to collect a bunch of superfluous membership-based friends who gather and laugh about thinking of common interest when I resist friendships based on membership?  ANSWER: Recognize the need for a crisis team for me including Hana and John, and make superfluous friends on the internet.  PROBLEM: These people are only virtual friends making them not real friends  SOLUTION: get a bucket office and make fun superfluous friendship with fun people like @snapchatromney and @liveyouledgends.  This preceding text was inspired by my conversation with Sophie on the E train tonight.  She asked why I wear a name tag, and between Kew Gardens in Queens and her stop at Lexington in Manhattan I answered her question, which included parts of this aforementioned text.  Life is emotional, and as I age I become more thoughtful about my emotion. »» about me  201-490-9659  Mom angry  contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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