angry old lady recording

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« I gave Ms. Wallace notice before starting this recording.  Ms. Wallace is a stranger who arrived at the Horizon West, Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida outdoor seaside grill while Hana and I were grilling.  She was immediately confrontational and her language became foul and her insults began without Hana or me provoking her.  Ms. Wallace is likely to claim she was provoked by Hana and I using the grill while a bag she left behind was on the table.  Horizons West prohibits, “saves”, and it is stated in the printed rules given to each renter and posted throughout the property.  Ms. Wallace’s sense we had invaded her space is in conflict with the rules, and it was the third and final conflict we had on our two-week vacation.  Trayvon Martin’s murder highlighted Florida’s angry-defensive-hotheaded-person motivated, “stand you’re ground” rule is supported by thinking demonstrated by Ms. Wallace.  Ms. Wallace approached us as criminals who violated her space, and her only basis for this community grill space belonging to her was the fact she left her bag on the table.  When Hana and I arrived the grill was off, and the bag on the table was only a beach bag rather than cooking supplies. »» about me  201-490-9659  Mom angry  contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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2 Responses to angry old lady recording

  1. Erika M says:

    Okay- that was hilarious! Thanks for my laugh of the day. The way you kept your composure was not only outstanding but it made the whole thing even funnier. It’s been my experience that nothing pisses someone off more than when the target of their anger isn’t buying into the panic and hysteria they are attempting to create.

    The highlights for me were the following:
    “You have a PHD in foul language?”
    “How long till you get your shit out of here?” and then your response, ” It’s probably not going to happen”
    “I know it wasn’t being reserved, because there is no reserving”
    And my personal favorite, when she accuses you of being “Ooooot of line.”

    Classic stuff Tom!

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