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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« A few names I’ll use in this message: ONE: Erika is a loyal reader whose serial comments on my blog includes Erika mortified  TWO: Rebekah Brooks was promoted quickly by Rupert Murdoch for her ability to thrive in Britain’s hack and expose media industry, recently she became a victim of her fine-tuned hack-and-expose skills in the hands of British prosecutors, they presented an email in court “just between you and me” written by Ms. Brooks  THREE: Victoria Nuland is a US diplomat to Ukraine whose insult to the EU made on a phone call she thought was one to one was recorded by a third-party hacker and exposed on youtube  FOUR: Ken Ham is a creationist  FIVE: my mother’s anonymous informant is a man or a woman who commented on my blog via my mother  SIX: Edward Snowden exposed NSA’s spying  SEVEN: my mother is my mother.  A recent phone call to my mother found her angry at me, because I complained about my family in a Woody Allen post, so Erika’s situational hypothetical “would be mortified” was realized with the worst possible victim – my mother.  As a loyal reader Erika reacted to my text imagining she were the subject of my text, but what Erika mortified overlooked was the natural protection people give themselves, and my mother protects herself by time-tested methods that keep her out of harms way and her protection system keeps her off my blog, but her anonymous informant violated my mother’s right to the veil that protects her.  This veil is similar to the one used by Ken Ham to protect him from science.  Both my mother and Ken Ham have the privilege to be in denial.  My mother’s system keeps her safe; Ken’s system keeps him safe; my mother’s is harmless; Ken’s is dangerous.  My Woody Allen words were on my blog found by curiosity and stray clicking by my mother’s anonymous informant, which can be compared to the Ms. Brooks email and the phone call of Ms. Nuland.  My blog is intended for an audience of voluntary readers, and my mother’s anonymous informant forced my mother to confront what she has no interest in confronting.  The post-Snowden era reduced the sympathy the public had for people whose words reached unintended audiences from a trace to nothing, so if my Woody Allen words were shared in a conversation I thought was one to one, and later a recording of the call was on the internet, then victim status would be denied to me.  I’ve reread my Woody Allen post, and if I had mailed it to my mother, and it angered her I would feel terrible – really terrible, but instead I left it on my blog for voluntary readers, and my mother’s informant forced my mother to confront my words.  My internet settings show I am open to comments via any channel by identified people or anonymous people, and this event opens yet another channel to comment on my blog, which is comment via middle-age bloggers elderly mother – all is welcome. »» about me  201-490-9659  Erika mortified  contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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  1. Erika M says:

    Tom- I’ve read your “mom angry” blog posts with interest but haven’t had the chance to comment until now. When I posted my now famous (at least on your blog) “mortified” comment, I never imagined either that it would be your mom who would be the victim. I was simply imagining myself as one of your siblings and how uncomfortable having my personal details put out there for all the world to read about would make me feel. I certainly feel and understand the anger you have towards the anonymous informant. I can’t imagine what good this “tattling” accomplished other than to upset an elderly lady. It’s been my experience that mothers want their grown children to get along with each other and hope that when they are gone these children will continue to have a relationship with each other. Speaking from my experience with my own mom, nothing seems to upset her more than to feel there is some sort of strife between her offspring. Also, I’m glad that you’ve been able to get back on speaking terms with your brother- that’s a great start. I hope to read in the coming months that you’ve been able to accomplish the same with your sisters too. Even better to read would be that you’re back on the same terms with your son and daughter. Here’s hoping!


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