bling is underused

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Inspired by gentle harassment I get for staying in one-star hotels I’ve include a punch line at the end of this message with the target audience of one.  Relative to outing the person I target I promise to respond like the Lieutenant Governor of NJ promised to the Mayor of Frank Sinatra’s home, “if what I say and who I say it about becomes known I will deny it.  Bling is a new word, and I have a sense it’s underused, so my personal mission is to correct the imbalance, and I will begin now.  In additional to things everyone knows are bling the word has wide uses.  People who wear UGG, Carhartt, or Patagonia may point to the garment’s function while being in denial that it’s purpose is fashion and bling.  “Oh, these are so comfortable” I’ve heard people say about UGG as comfort was the primary reason to wear UGG.  My teenage son was my third baby, so the brilliant design of the Patagonia baby-slip-pre-toddler shoes was not lost on me.  I had learned donning socks or ordinary shoes on baby one and baby two for an outing came with the risk of the predicable event of returning home with one foot bare and the item that was covering the baby foot missing.  Would this make a person want to spend more on foot garments?  For most people, “no”, but the premium-priced Patagonia slips were a gift, and they were awesome.  As I remember this third baby of mine even had them around for a couple of years, and they may have even survived for regifting to another baby.  The way I carried my third baby put the highly functional Patagonia item in conspicuous view, and I recall people commenting on the Patagoinia item, which often followed with Dad-baby talk that could never be supplied in excess.  The Patagonia slips were bling, because in my parenting world they were universally impressive to all the people I wanted to impress.  My wife and I have plans to visit Newport, Rhode Island and stay at the Viking, which is a four star hotel, three stars above the class of hotels I get harassed for calling my temporary home, so to the one person I am trying to zing in a petty juvenile childish way: Remember your visit to this county’s famous bling island, Manhattan?  I recall your accommodations being very non-bling, I recall YMCA.    »» about me  201-490-9659  Erika mortified  contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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