Ted Kennedy the late king

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Move like Jagger is playing at El Carretero 48th y Bergenline, Union City, New Jersey, and it reminds me of Mick’s new great grandfather status that was in yesterday’s news. Bianca Jagger made a run with the family name, but I don’t think she was a mother of a Mick baby making her not the great grandmother of Mick’s new grandchild. Given Mick’s famous sex life there are many women who could be the great grandmother. My mother’s great grandmother status is new too, and she’s more than a decade Mick’s senior. It can’t be nice holiday sounds to hear a teenager disrespect his dad who called to deliver a holiday greeting, but that’s exactly what the family surrounding my teenage son yesterday heard. There has been a change in my status among my siblings, and I could hear it in my sister’s voice yesterday when she answered the phone at my mom’s. Ellen holds the highest rank among the descendants of my parents, and she allowed my punishment to pass term, and she made it official with a baby announcement to me and Hana. Knowing this gave Marty freedom to talk to me yesterday about the baby in a relaxed tone I have not heard for more than a decade. My punishment from beginning to end was during the reign of Ellen as family member with the highest rank, and it passed peacefully – no harsh words or newsworthy events marked the beginning middle or end of my term of punishment. Any words of mine that might be objectionable are in this blog, and an archive visit is never toxic like people may have sensed when my words were fresh, so a return to what I wrote is sure to be unnecessary. My punishment was first most visible with the late notice of the crash that made my late son, David, unconscious, and days later made him my late son (dead). It continued with my exclusion from three weddings, and the break-point was my exclusion from our 2012 Devil’s Lake family reunion. My cousin Julie told me about this reunion Easter 2013, and I don’t think she has any reason to see what she did as I see it. I see Julie’s notice to me of my exclusion from the family reunion as her speaking on behalf of the family saying my punishment was complete, and it was time to move on. I am suspicious that my brother’s punishment period has begun making it necessary to spring me to member-in-good standing status. Ellen has undeniable family powers, but punishing both of her brothers simultaneously is beyond her reach. The punishing effect of my decade or more in this status was wholly in my control. It was a time-tested family process to keep order, and it’s necessary during Ellen’s reign. The crazy part is Ellen can retire, abdicate, or die, and we’ll need a new queen or king, and I am the youngest of my siblings. Although I profess sincerely that our exes and spouses are family members, I am not naïve enough to claim they are prospective successors to Ellen, so that leaves, Ann, David, Marty, and me. As I saw and felt at Ted Kennedy’s funeral that the baby had become the patriarch. I like “king” and “queen” better than “patriarch” and “matriarch”, but if I ascend to the role I will probably not feel comfortable with “King Tom”, but “Queen Ellen” feels perfect. In Erika mortified this loyal reader explains how she would be mortified reading my text if she were ________, and Erica did not pinpoint specific text, but I have reason to believei the hypothetical person Erika referred to might be Ellen, and I have reason to believe I have added another occasion for Ellen to be mortified with this post. This is a prediction with near 100% certainty. I will not be asked to reconcile my words with anyone mentioned here except Erika – happy holidays. »» about me 201-490-9659 Erika mortified nearlincoln@hotmail.com contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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