Stockhlom effect and my mother

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« The Stockholm effect is when a person becomes blindly loyal and trusting to his or her capture, and the name was dubbed from a several-day bank hostage crime, but made famous for Americans with Patti Hearst.  In a flash she became a member of her captures criminal group – weird.  Some version of the Stockholm effect has been taking place with my mother for about a half decade, and the symptoms are no more or less obvious now – I just have a name for it.  Borrowing the name for this Patti Hearst behavior for my mother may sound like I object, but I don’t.  My mother is very happy, and happy for good reasons with the care she gets from two of my sisters, and as my third sister visited with an open stage for her announcement of her son’s bride to be, I am able to call my mom and she has freedom to chat unrestricted by the needs of others.  Her quirky elderly-lady phrases would indicated she is the busiest woman of her age in history, “Tommy, I’ve got to run”, but this is her own patterns inherited from her mother.  The predicable collision does not even involve me.  If all of my mother’s descendants are to survive my mother as we expect to (minus my late son, David who already preceded his grandmother in death), then the sisters caring for my mother are likely to have a relationship-exploding death-do-us-part event.  For my Colorado cousin who exed with the sister she partnered in care of her mother there was ring that served as a triggering event.  So I sit here at Port Imperial ferry, Weehawken, New Jersey in route to Jersey City to retrieve my new Windows Eight computer – first time on the latest Windows since my corporate life – I’m excited, and a smile revisits my face as I imagine the event that each of my sisters are likely to convince the family is an unforgivable act, and a family expulsion is warranted like the expulsion attempt I’ve passed in good health.  Although I predict this collision I will make no effort to prevent it, but rather my efforts will take effect only after the collision if I am ask for my contribution, which is nearly certain, because each sister will be hunting for allies against the other sister, and I’ll be recruited from both sides.  Family status is in jeopardy for exes, and Nelson, Steffen, Angie, and Anne may feel, an effort to keep their status meaningful can fail, but an effort by one of my sisters trying to expel the other sister will be in vain.  Each of us have status as a family member and God has united us, and our efforts to reverse this unity is pitiful – not pitiful as in disgraceful – pitiful as in woefully ineffective.  In this aforementioned text I claim I’ve passed my expulsion attempt in good health, which might seem premature.  I declare this, because I have an email from the first of us to be a grandparent asking to include mine and Hana’s email address in the baby announcement.  The real test is if that inclusion arrives with the baby, but emotionally I trust my re-inclusion will arrive, and the premature nature of my declaration is only a technicality. »» about me 201-490-9659 Erika mortified contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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