squish the bug

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« The chatter advanced and extended into a longer-length-wedding-celebration conversation last night at a Long Island country club.  Trader for Barkley’s he said to the time-tested, “What do you do?”, and I said I just finished a Fortune magazine cover-story of the grey art of insider trading were my next words, and that brought an abrupt end to the conversation, and Prawn moved away.  In recent years the US justice system is moving toward its hundredth prosecution of market pros (now convicted criminals), and even though that’s a lot of money men (I think the number of money women prosecuted is zero) going to jail compared to history it still represents a very small percentage of traders, analysts, and executives and company officers, so Prawn is not likely to find himself in jail.  However, the mentality leading to ending conversations on the subject of insider trading is exactly what has put the growing number of financial pros in jail.  The opposite mentality where curiosity prevails, and gray areas become explored thoroughly creating a healthier market were best is rewarded, but curiosity is not dominating thinking, and market pros are scared.  Fortune magazine claims the Feds want people to be scared, so the abrupt end of my conversation with Prawn is proof that the Fed’s scare tactics are having the targeted effect.  Last night’s san geet was equivalent to Christian/Catholic wedding reception.  The cleaver DJ taught us how to dance Indian seamlessly while we danced, and here is one of about six instructions he called over the music that were equally easy to the other instructions.  These instructions I’ll feature now were more fun, and felt more Indian.  Dear kind readers: Ready?  Would you be so kind to do the steps I describe?  I am begging; I’ll do anything, please stand up, and . . . Sincerely, Tom  Right and left alternates in this dance, so which arm/leg is first does not matter.  The DJ called screw the light bulb, and we raise our arm like we were twisting an overhead light bulb, and the opposite-side leg we were told to squish a bug, and the DJ demonstrated as though he had a bug between the sole of his shoe and the floor rotating his foot to grind the bug into the floor.  With the hand that was not twisting the light bulb we were told to turn the door knob.  With all three movements going simultaneously we were told to switch.  The combination of all the Indian colors especially the women’s saris, and the Indian inspired music, and the top/bottom bongo hammered from both ends with sticks by a traditionally-dressed young Indian musician made me feel very Indian – god it was fun.  My best to Jasleen and Sachin.  »» about me 201-490-9659 Erika mortified nearlincoln@hotmail.com contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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