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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« A PBS program Why Ships Sink can be easily found on Netflix and youtube at the moment, and it’s excellent.  Dear kind readers: If you take the time to find it and the 54 minutes to watch it, please don’t miss the significance of a musician named Moss.  He’s a real character in a real tragic story, and his roll is in part funny.  Sincerely,  Tom Doody  The Titanic and the Costa Concordia sank in years ending in 12, and the similarities don’t stop there.  The nature of the impact with the iceberg and rock were similar, and reactions of the captains were too passive.  Lifeboats left each of the sinking ships with too few people, and the crews did too little to have more order in the crises.  I’ll watch the documentary again.  A US drone’s kill in Pakistan is in the news today, and I don’t claim to know the real story, but I claim the New York Times version is suspiciously unbalanced.  The two paragraphs describing Pakistan’s objection to the drone attaches was exclusive the final two paragraphs, and the headline and lead read more like a US Military announcement.  NY Times used the phrase Pakistani Intelligence Officer.  The NY Time’s text seems to want us to believe US and Pakistan intelligence worked shoulder to shoulder on the attack.  The Times of India version more believable.  Anyone of the world with an ear to US politics knows President Barrack Obama is a Democrat, and the political leaders of Congress who killed the gun law after guns killed kids in Sandyhook, Connecticut were mostly Republicans.  Anyone with a decent memory can recall how poor Mitt Romney did on his Europe trip.  If Mitt did bad, and Republicans keep defending guns, then the Republicans will not have a candidate accepted in Europe until the stance on guns is more consistent with logic. »» about me 201-490-9659 Erika mortified nearlincoln@hotmail.com contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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