she remained standing

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« In Manhattan this week after Midnight a woman approached me and suddenly I was holding both of her wrist trying to keep her away from me.  She was short black maybe 30 and her eyes indicated she was not coherent.  I have no experienced with drugs circa crack cocaine to the today’s recreational drugs, and none of my experience could guess what she was on, but it seemed like alcohol was little or no influence.  She was so out-of-it, yet she carried her weight in a way that made holding her wrists like nothing I had experience before.  As if she were mentally drunk, but had the coordination of a dancer – weird.  Her height, weight and gender allowed me to keep her at arms length with little effort, but she still seemed to be in my face.  I have an image of her now, but it was like an internet slide show with half-second switch set leaving me unsure what I had seen.  I held her wrist for only the time it would have taken for a few steps if she had not interrupted my walking.  I extended my arms to hold her at a maximum distance, and snapped my hands away then stepping away quickly while I watched to see she did not approach me again – whew lucky – the distance between us was safely lengthening without me having to run.  About ten steps later the bouncers of a gentleman’s club on Eighth Avenue between 42 y 43 asked me if I were okay.  It could have so easily flipped the other way.  Version TWO Somehow when I released she fell unconscious, which was very near her mental state when she approach me, and the bouncer were asking her if she were okay.  People aren’t always guilty of what they appear to be guilty of.  If version TWO had happened I could imagine watching the clip on the internet of tall white middle-age American pushing a young short black woman to the ground where she died.  This is overly dramatized, but my stomach feels uneasy as I type, because I was a fraction of a second away from the possibility of version TWO.  I was deliberately careful when I released her, and she remained standing partly because I did not disrupt her balance while getting free, but as a younger man with less sense about the disparity in strength realizing version TWO would have been even more likely – things aren’t always as they seem. »» about me 201-490-9659 Erika mortified contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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  1. That was scary. I’m happy to know you escaped that situation. It is something to ponder why she acted as she did. Did he look frightened? Thank goodness you are OK, and still walking the streets with your courage and self-esteem.


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