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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Two of my readers were outted today.  These two men, yes men I have a sense most of my readers are women.  I was sure my friend knew he was not pressured to tell me.  Do you want to tell me who it was?  You don’t have to.  This friend has a relatively shallow use of the internet, and he had no sense that my readers prefer to be anonymous, so he told me without hesitation.  The friends who were outted made themselves known in reaction to this event.  Families have a way of punishing members, and I declare that’s what my siblings were doing by keeping the 2012 Devil’s Lake family reunion a secret from me.  My sister, Marty, made a pitiful claim that I somehow requested the treatment, which is a sick mindset that allows people to be passively cruel while blaming the victim.  These friends who were outted were asking about me out of sincere concern, and it feels good to know they asked, and here is my answer: What my siblings did to me was cruel, and I did nothing to request it.  My late son, David, died, and the death of a son is not contagious, but I was treated as though it would pass to them.  I don’t deserve the isolation that came after David’s death.  The mystery of the recovery from the loss I faced following David’s death strengthened me emotionally, and I was able to pass most of my bitterness that began on Easter Sunday of this year in about seven days.  I could feel the bitterness; I could feel it pass.  I can hear the bitterness in my voice in this recording, which was recorded days after Easter Sunday, and posted a day or so later. The recording has a short script that took several more takes than a more peaceful occasion would have required.  I remember my tong feeling clumsy, and I expect other listeners can’t detect it, but I can.  I could taste the bitterness, and I could feel it pass.  At this moment I can revisit the traumatic event without noticeable bitterness and I was able to talk about it comfortably with my friend today.  Today’s call also reinforces a reality that my account of being a victim of my siblings cruelty reached an audience larger than the attendee count at the reunion, and my account reached many of those same people who attended.  Since my account circulates widely, and my siblings offered no alternative explanation, then my account stands.  I also have some pleasure that my account reached the audience they blocked me from.  At this moment I am tapping away on a netbook resting on the foot of the bed where my wife is resting after our several hours in the barrio con Cubano sandwich y café con leche.  Q: How am I?  A: great. »» about me 201-490-9659 Randi Richards contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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