Ignatius men forever

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« My text is inspired by this text from Vanity Fair, January 2013.  Yesterday I sat in the reading room at Weehawken Library, which was formerly the home of a brew master who brought his trade from Europe, and made this beer, which allowed him to build this mansion.  Feeling regal in this miniature Rhine River castle I found a comfortable chair with my hands on January, Vanity Fair, which is when all roads converged on my St. Ignatius experience.  Holiday, family, childhood, beer and Belushi. Today when a movie lives in me outside the theater I blog about it, and my wife and I find cleaver ways to include lines in our daily lives, but all (perhaps except Woody Allen) pass, but the movies that knitted their way into my life outside the movie theater like no others were Animal House and Blues Brothers.  Knowing what happens behind the scenes can taint a nice experience, but . . . Dear kind readers who shared my years at St. Ignatius, Cleveland: I promise this Vanity Fair text can only bolster your memory of John Belushi.  My personal highlight from the text: on the meeting of John and Dan, “love at first site”.  My best this holiday season from New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel to Cleveland and other counties and continents you call home.  Your friend, Ignatius man forever, Tom Doody »» about me 201-490-9659 we come in peace, nearlincoln@hotmail.com contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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