CEO Kingfisher y CEO Anheuser Bush

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Dear Maruthi: The quintessential element of my proposal to you and Diwakar is that I offered to make phone calls on your behalf.  The twitter, “phone call” is an updated version of a phone call with all three: sound, visual, and movement.  The message is scripted and edited, so it’s cleaner than a voicemail, and most importantly it can be used again and again for follow up with a couple of clicks to rt to a tweet from the target person.  I know you and Diwakar are aware of this, but the gamers might not be: aim high.  If we can begin with top-level executives, and allow him or her to find the suitable place in the organization it’s best.  A combination of my age, experience, and my personality allows me to reach to the top with comfort and confidence.  CEO of Kingfisher? por supuesto.  CEO of Anheuser Bush? Por supuesto.  My focus on airports is reinforced again and again.  Each time I search away from airports I get too few (ie. Harvard club), or too much (ie NYC, “I want 2 go 2 NYC”, and the person is nine).  Airports give me people who are passing through airports, so they are more likely to be people with at least a level of financial footing to buy a plane ticket, and sometimes the frequency of buying tickets allows them to 4sq checkin from flyer clubs.  These flyer-club people are perfect, because they are either high-level or high-influence or both, and they fly so much they have time to burn even through most people in their lives thinks their idle time is scarce.  Por ejemplo, subordinates think the vice president is too busy, because they see him or her in the office where he or she is too busy, but that same person has flight delays, and that same person might be a gamer even though it’s not overt like some profiles I’ve shared with you.  I’ll finish where I started with you and Diwakar.  The two of you have earned my trust, and you should not hesitate to ask me for anything.  Yours in anything, games, ios, real estate, twitter and more, Tom »» about me 201-490-9659 we come in peace, contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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